Oct 30, 2007

I hate posts with no pictures

I am writing from school, so no pictures. Sitting at the main library on campus, already it has been such a day. People are really weird and crazy. I really want to go empty a vending machine. It is one of those days. I need a day off, and very well may go crazy any second now. I have to close tonight and spend tom (early) morning with the wonder(less) twins from work. All will be better after my Halloween-crushing tests are over on Thursday. The traditional night of horror movies and snacking will commence as soon as Randall gets home from work.

Cassy and I saw Gone, Baby, Gone on Sunday. It was wonderful. Casey Affleck was a revelation, perfectly suited for the part. The story was amazing in good and terrible ways. I definitely recommend everyone see it.

I am excited new Buffy comic very soon.

Heroes was a huge disappointment again last night. I love this show and they are trying to kill it. The 15 different plots and 25 new characters are so LAME. I keep waiting for the big cliffhanger or plot twist and the only thing I get is more weird faces from that tv-imitating chick. I am so mad I can't remember her stupid name.

All right enough nerdin' up for one day.

Hope everyone is well. Don't forget to breathe.

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