May 24, 2008

Farmer's market, reading, a gay doc and Indy

These are the beautiful herbs that I got at the new Athens Farmer's Market this morning. I got up sooo early this morning to get there while the pickin's were still good. I got mint, basil, cilantro and onions all for $8! I am so happy I could bust. I can't wait to take Randall next Saturday. I came home and read on my back porch for as long as I wanted, which is just heaven to me. The seemingly unlimited time of days off. I hate time constraints. I understand that we must have clocks and schedules or there would be chaos, but I prefer timekeeping to be a little less rigid.
I eventually got hungry and made a lovely breakfast out of my farmer's market finds. Also, I made some lovely wheat scones from scratch--without a recipe! They weren't very pretty so, no picture. They tasted very good, if I do say so myself, with jam and butter.
I am watching Before Stonewall a chronicle of homosexuality in America before the historical Stonewall Riot. I highly reccomend anyone interested in this subject to see this well-made documentary.
Cassy and I are going to see Indiana Jones this afternoon. I am mildly excited. I remember loving the old Indy movies, mostly due to the fact that Harrison Ford was my boyfriend for most of my childhood. I loved him so much. Thinking back on it I don't remember when it started, but it just was. My mom loved Al Pacino, I loved Harrison. Then he got that tacky earring and started dating Calista Flockhart and it was over.
It seems like a truly kick-ass movie comes out like every week this summer. Next week is Sex and the City! I have very carefully avoided any media on the movie so that I might be as suprised by the plot as possible. So only one more week to go. I hope I make it.

Happy Saturday!

May 6, 2008

Bad Sesame: The Fern Incident

This is my new boston fern. This is my bad kitty named Sesame Chicken. I discovered his "love" for his new friend? dinner? today while posting. He was literally inside the thing going to town.

I was so facinated, as Sesame rarely shows such enthusiasm for anything other than canned food, I didn't make him stop right away. I took pictures. Then in a guilty-mother terror haze pushed him away from it and frantically begain to google the words: Cat poison fern. You'll be happy to know that Sesame is not in mortal danger. The boston fern should apparently fear him more than vice versa. As I type this 30 minutes or so after the initail altercation he is making his way to the fern again. Such is his fervor, such is his passion and desire for this bulky potted plant.


This is our beautiful, I think, rose bush in our front yard. I wish that I could show you more pictures, but blogger is being special and only letting me post one picture per post. I have to find something to plant aroung our mailbox. We had a beautiful butterfly attracting bush of some sort. I'm not going to say I killed it so much as I offended it into eternal slumber. A gardener lady in my neighborhood said after it died in the fall that I should cut it to the ground. So i did. I guess I didn't do it right. It never came back so now all we have is a creepy grey dead stick plant guarding our mail post. Oh that and the evil bees that won't let us get our mail. Seriously, Randall has to take bug spray to the mailbox everyday. I gave up. I just don't get the mail anymore. I think they may be carpenter bees, which means they won't sting me. They still charge at me everytime I get anywhere near the mailbox. Terrifying.

books..too many?

Speaking of the beauty of the outdoors, I have the perfect outdoor activity. This is a stack of all the books I am currently in the middle of reading. I have a very annoying propensity for starting a book when I am half-way through another. I have decided enough is enough. I will climb this mountain of books. I am going to finish all the books that I own. As I write this I have added another book to my stack. So it will take a little longer, I'm game. Summer is the perfect time to read. Winter is for videos and TV, summer is for reading. Outside in the sun (with plenty of sunblock of course) is my new heaven.