Nov 23, 2006

Gobble, gobble, gobble, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey Everybody! The day is finally here!!!! Turkeys for all!!
I made mac n cheese, fancy taters, and an apple pie decorated in the fine 80's tradition I was raised in (at least thats what my aunt said).

The parade is just about to end it was super cool this year! So many good shows!! A Chorus Line was, of course, my fave! The B-List stars were
a-plenty, and a Sandi Patti in a pear tree!

Now on to all things Christmy (a term nat just coined)! Oh wait...not until turkey is in the belly as my mom always insists!

Go give thanks and enjoy your Fam, whatever shape it takes!

Nov 14, 2006

If your happy and you know it clap your hands!!!

Oh my stars...Where did the year go?!?!?! Well so many beautiful things have happened over the last month where do I start!

Goodbye Rumsfeld and K-fed!

My hope is that both of these sad little men disappear into the background and just fade away....

Hello Speaker Pelosi first woman majority leader of the house. Yea!!!! Femme-Power! Now I no longer believe that women are inherently better than men. Its just I can't help but feel proud every time we break down another wall between us and equality. What could be next... VP Clinton!! I am NOT naive enough to believe that Hill can get elected Prez but I think she would be a great VP at least to start.....

Oh Dreams Dreams...I love imagining the future the way I want it to be.

Anyway its almost TURKEY day! I don't know what I'll be making this year for our feast. I have seen so many crazy scrumptious things on the Food Network, I just love that channel. It's the perfect channel to turn on when your doing something else, its good back ground.

I am so Jazzed because Cassy and I are going to see Anthony Rapp tonight the original Mark in RENT!!! He is speaking/performing at UGA and we have tickets! We are both so crazy psyched (I love that spellcheck tried to replace psyched with pussycat..Hilarious) we might pee our pants from happiness. Anyway....

Hope everybody has a happy day and don't forget to clap your hands!!!