Mar 14, 2008

This is it...

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have
the life that is waiting for us.

~Joseph Campbell

This is the lesson I am learning right now. We always try to force things
when we should just let it be. This life is not at all what I pictured when
I was a child, but I wouldn't change a thing. I am happy. It's so strange
when you stop in the moment and think "I am happy." Isn't that all that
really matters? I could be successful and "important," but still not be
happy. When I was a teenager I thought that other's adoration and applause
would be my life. I have found my life instead in a tiny house in Athens,
Georgia. A house I share with a neurotic cat and a wonderful partner. A
partner and friend who never fails to amaze me with his kindness and
patience and good humor (this is the true secret of a good marriage). I have
flowers and a place to sit outside and read. I have goats across the way
that just created beautiful, tiny offspring. All of this fills me with joy.
I hope you have found this kind of joy. It is there all around you, you just
have to stop trying to making it happen and just let it be. Kinda like the weird spacing on this post....blogger would let me change it. So after like 20 tries, I have decided to let it do what it wants. Love to all

Mar 10, 2008

We sprung, but still no spring

Well we lost an hour this weekend. I guess we get it back in the fall. What if you don't live that long, though, what if you never get it back? How can they just delete and hour? It is still there. Just because we change our silly time-keepers doesn't mean anything. Time is not something that can be trifled with lightly. I have seen many a Sci-Fi flick whose plot turned on this point. Oh time is a motherfucker, and it will have it's revenge. It'll be when we least expect it. It'll lure us into a sense of calm and normalcy. Then BAM, all the clocks will begin to drip with blood, but not human blood. No, that would be expected. It'll be, like, alien blood. The headlines will read "Clocks drip blue paint, townsfolk confused-not really scared." Then Time will write an anonymous letter to the editor saying "it's alien blood and you can tell by how it cures cancer." Then the townsfolk will be excited, I mean a cure for cancer-Cheers! Then Time will be like, "wrong it's bad...very bad in, like, an end of world way." Then the townsfolk will be slightly depressed as now they won't have time to cure everyone of cancer. Then Time (still writing into the editor I suppose) will be like "just forget all that, your all gonna die." Then they'll be scared, and then, well, they'll die. I mean it was inevitable.
I'm moving to one of those towns that doesn't observe DST. They know what they're doing. They're the same ones who still have canned goods after the nuclear holocaust. Buddy, they are prepared. They know better than to mess with time.
um,OK. Have a nice day.

Mar 6, 2008

a nice quiet day

I spent the entire day outside reading. It was beautiful and warm and dry, finally. So I soaked up some vitamin D and finished the The Amber Spyglass. The final instalment in the Phillip Pullman His Dark Materials series. It was amazing. This last book was the best, very well written with plenty of stand alone quotes. The end made me cry, I was deeply satisfying as only sad endings can be.
Then I paid some bills and had a nice cheese sandwich on store-bought bread, that Randall brought home, since I still haven't made the loaf I promised him. I'll get to it. Today was not bread day, maybe Saturday. Then I made a list of all the other things I wanted to get accomplished during the remainder of the day. Which always guarantees I won't do a damn thing on the list, it's like I write it all down so that I can be free to do what I really want to do. Man, I am needlessly complicated.
I completed my day by watching the longer-than-expected Lust/Caution. It was as racy as the NC-17 rating promised it would be, the story was compelling too. I do worry for Ang Lee's sense of romantic love. This is not the first time I've seen him initiate a love-affair with a violent act.
So that was about it, tomorrow brings work and stuff of the not-so-quiet persuasion. Now I also need a new book...oh wait I know where to find one of those.
have good day

Mar 5, 2008

Christmas in march

So I am a little behind....This is what the new house looked like in December. It was just such a pretty picture that I didn't want anyone to miss it! I really am going to come back with avengence. There are so many cool things going on right now, I really have to share it all. I need to share all the homemaker-y stuff I am totally getting down with right now. So all you peeps that deleted me or moved me down on your blog list go ahead and pull me back up to the tops 'cause I'm back bitches! If you look closely at this picture you can see many really cool things.