Oct 23, 2007

Some of my favorite things right now.....

This man here, if you don't already know, is Simon Schama. He is the writer and narrator of my current obsession. The History of Britain is a 15 hour documentary of...well I think you can guess. It is amazing. This man has the most interesting storytelling voice ever. He is also kinda cute. I absolutely have a crush on him. Fifteen hours is not long enough. I want more. The story of Britain has made me want to go there all the more. Maybe I could find Simon when I go. Wow, now I'm a stalker.

I am reading this book here right now. That is as much as you read comics. The Best American

Comics of 2007 is chock-a-block full of cool people you know, and some you might not be acquainted with yet. The problem comes trying to find the writers that you like somewhere else. I have a list now of people I want to find elsewhere. It is just a tasty giant morsel if you enjoy comics.

If you are not watching 30 Rock, you must start immediately. Randall had seen a couple of eps from last season and instantly loved it. SO seeing as how I LOVE Tracy Morgan, (I don't think this point can be over emphasised), we decided to get the first season, we ended up buying it. It has something for everyone. Besides Tracy, my favorite is of course Tina Fay, she is exquisite as a down-trodden singleton. She is like a more realistic Carrie Bradshaw. I love her, her humiliation is real. She is me, sitting in a wedding dress, eating ham and wiping her hands on the skirt. I never really cared about Alec Baldwin, besides his SNL stuff I could take him or leave him, but on this show he is magic. Ever since Tracy Morgan said "that bird is ruinin' my credit" as Brian Fellows he has had my heart. Singing "Doo Doo Pie" with the now infamous Spears as a homeless man, I can't explain it, he is my kind of humor. On 30 Rock he is bombastic, paranoid and tender. I love it. 30 Rock comes on Thursdays at 8:30 on NBC, watch it. That's not a request.

Sesame says Hello! Have a good day and remember to breathe.

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