Sep 27, 2008

Here is nerdy(?) me...

I love my glasses. The pink is a little faded, it is subtle, no? I think I will stick with pink for a while, then maybe purple. I know I used to seriously hate purple, but I have made peace with the purple. Stay tuned for more... I hope you have a nice day.

Sep 24, 2008

Horror at The Grit!

I had to post this picture at Randall's behest. He took it at The Grit during brunch. The composition is excellent for a camera phone. I wish I had that lovely cup of coffee right now. They have the best roast at The Grit. This picture however is a failure since it shows neither my pink hair or my new glasses (they are not reading glasses, but far-away glasses). You never know how blind you actually are until you get glasses. Oh the wonders I can see now, like road signs and pedestrians in the road! Next picture I post will show all three of my new image updates. I'll let you wonder what the third is, and what in that Bitch magazine is making me make that face.