Nov 23, 2006

Gobble, gobble, gobble, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey Everybody! The day is finally here!!!! Turkeys for all!!
I made mac n cheese, fancy taters, and an apple pie decorated in the fine 80's tradition I was raised in (at least thats what my aunt said).

The parade is just about to end it was super cool this year! So many good shows!! A Chorus Line was, of course, my fave! The B-List stars were
a-plenty, and a Sandi Patti in a pear tree!

Now on to all things Christmy (a term nat just coined)! Oh wait...not until turkey is in the belly as my mom always insists!

Go give thanks and enjoy your Fam, whatever shape it takes!

Nov 14, 2006

If your happy and you know it clap your hands!!!

Oh my stars...Where did the year go?!?!?! Well so many beautiful things have happened over the last month where do I start!

Goodbye Rumsfeld and K-fed!

My hope is that both of these sad little men disappear into the background and just fade away....

Hello Speaker Pelosi first woman majority leader of the house. Yea!!!! Femme-Power! Now I no longer believe that women are inherently better than men. Its just I can't help but feel proud every time we break down another wall between us and equality. What could be next... VP Clinton!! I am NOT naive enough to believe that Hill can get elected Prez but I think she would be a great VP at least to start.....

Oh Dreams Dreams...I love imagining the future the way I want it to be.

Anyway its almost TURKEY day! I don't know what I'll be making this year for our feast. I have seen so many crazy scrumptious things on the Food Network, I just love that channel. It's the perfect channel to turn on when your doing something else, its good back ground.

I am so Jazzed because Cassy and I are going to see Anthony Rapp tonight the original Mark in RENT!!! He is speaking/performing at UGA and we have tickets! We are both so crazy psyched (I love that spellcheck tried to replace psyched with pussycat..Hilarious) we might pee our pants from happiness. Anyway....

Hope everybody has a happy day and don't forget to clap your hands!!!

Sep 19, 2006

Pussycat, Pussycat I love you.....

Oh My Goodness is that not the sweetest thing you have ever seen. Ok I'll admit it...I love silly pictures/videos of kitties. If that's wrong I don't want to be right. I've had this secret for awhile but now I am proud to stand up and say--My name is Emily and I am a dressed up Kittieoholic. There I feel better. Now my new goal is to get sesame on I just don't know what I can put him that is going to be good enough...

Now here we have a very prestigious founding mother of kitty rights. You may not have heard of Duchess Rasmalina Vanhousenblatt, but not a kitty today can forget. She fought for the rights of the fancy housekitties of America. Her cry to "forgo the rat and encourage the pat" emboldened her followers (self-titled the Rasmalites) to refuse the dirty, unregulated, underpaid, underappriciated job of killing rodents for the Uprights (humans) and take up positions in the home. Positions of leisure, principally laying down and sitting as demonstrated by one of the more popular pictures of the duchess. " We must use our skills for less, no more bloodshed in the streets, the uprights will bring us our blood now, the heart-blood of love and affection." With these words a wind of change swept across the kitty world as it was known and nothing would ever be the same.

Here now is an offerings from the Kitty Knitty Couture Collection shown this last week in New York.

I guess this model is tired from all the after-parties. The wild life of Kitty models is well-known. Full of ups and downs and the looming peril of catnip addiction. So many of our best have been lost to this seemingly pleasant yet life ruining "herb."

That's all for now. I hope you are well and happy.


Sep 1, 2006

Decisions, Decisions...

Well I have come to, what amounts to in this day and age, a life-altering decision. I will no longer be a WAL-MART customer. I know I know not exactly monumental, you'd be surprised especially in the south, where even in my smallish town we have 2 supercenters, how hard it is to break a life-long relationship with seductively low-prices and convenient one-stop shopping. NO MORE. My best friend Cassy says that it is just one step closer to being a hippie. Well if that is what it means then fine. I cannot in good conscience continue to give money to, essentially aid and support an organization that cares about nothing, NOTHING but the pursuit of the dollar. A company whose founding family is THE richest families in the world, billionairs many many many many times over, and yet give none of there wealth away. They donated less than 1% of their income in 2004. It is disgusting. It makes me sick to think about the fact that instead of paying their employees what they deserve to be paid, a living wage, they instead instruct their human resources to direct their poverty level employees to apply for government assistance. This is not how capitalism is supposed to work. How can you have a healthy competitive free-market when wale-mart does nothing but squish every competitor? They treat their employees terribly, domestically and internationally. They treat the environment appallingly. If you really think about it they treat their customers more like cattle to milk for dollars than customers to be served. Ok I promise no more rampage...but if your interested in learning more check out the documentary Wal-mart: the High Cost of Low Prices it is eye-opening.

So John Mark Karr didn't kill JonBenet? What I surprise, I mean I just might die from NOT SURPRISE!! It's like they weren't even listening to him at all. Whatever, my ever-dwindling faith in our judicial system just died a little more.

School is great I really am getting back into the swing of things.

One last thing Jessica if you see this please CALL me I have trying to get in touch with you with no luck so I want to hear from you to make sure you are alright. I love you and PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

have a nice wal-mart free day

Aug 17, 2006

School days....

Ok so Today is the first day of school!!! I am so excited, I get up way too early, get everything ready, get to class too early and wait....And wait...Oh and did I mention WAIT!! So about five minutes after class was supposed to start this tiny little woman breezes in and announces that our teacher isn't here she threw our syllabi at us and told us we could go. :( Major boo!!! Hopefully my next class will be better maybe even it'll have a teacher.

Moving on....I have always had a passing interest in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. I honestly have always believed that her parents killed her. I believed it was an accident that they hamfistedly tried to conceal. Well now there is some bozo in Thailand (Thailand?) who says he was "there when Jon Benet died." Notice he didn't say that he killed her. Only that he was there. Sources on the rest of the story are shaky at this point. If you want to read about it try their article was the most researched at this point. As I heard someone else point out just because someone admits to involvement in a crime doesn't mean that they actually were. According to his wife and others the suspect had researched the case extensively, which means he would know more about the case than a regular person. Which begs the question why would you openly research a crime which you had committed. Wouldn't you want to distance yourself from anything having to do with the crime. At this early point, and in my humble layperson's opinion I have to say there is going to have to be some extraordinary evidence (read non-circumstantial) to make me believe that this sad, sad individual had the wit to commit the most publicized child-murder since the Lindbergh Baby.

Enough of that for now.

I hope everyone has a day worth remembering.

Jul 26, 2006

Not dead just lost in Sunnydale...

Well I am sorry everyone, I got in this weird anti-computer mood and then it spiraled into some sort of strange hibernation. Where in the only thing that could comfort me was BUFFY.

OH MY GAY STARS!!! I am in love in the shortest time humanly possible I have completed the entire series all seven episodes ( something like 160 hours of pure goodness). I had never really watched it before...So I didn't know this is my only excuse for not coming into this world earlier. JOSS WHEDON is a GOD as many other nerds have proclaimed before me. I kinda fell into his world ass-backward.

I watched Serenity and fell in love with the characters, only to realize there was this little show called FIREFLY upon which the whole thing was based. I watched the criminally short one and only season of Firefly and was completely hooked. Two thousand viewings later I am searching for more Joss only to realize that HELLO he did BUFFY. Buffy had always been on my list of someday to watch so I decided to jump in.

Words cannot explain. I am only sorry that I am just now coming to this I wish that I had been more into when it was on. It is amazing the story, mythology of it, the crafty dialogue, the fabulous feminist allegory of it all. I cried more times than I can remember and I am still laughing and thinking about it. It's one of those wonderful things in life that gets better with repetition since Joss is such a masterful creator of universes (AKA GOD). I am kinda glad I watched them all at the same time so that I could GET more things than I would have in real time. It's much easier to remember something someone said in season 2 when you watched it two weeks ago as opposed to two YEARS ago. OK I promise that is all. Just if you have not seen it please do, it may not be your cup of tea or it could be a fabulous new obsession.

My friend Diane is moving to San Diego this week I am so proud of her, yet still selfishly I want her to stay...hmm. I wish her all the luck and best highest blessings.

Well I guess I will be around alot more. Stay tuned for my Straight Girl's Guide to my favorite hot ladies. That and reviews on what I am reading and watching and how to look hot while baking pies for orphans. Well maybe not that last bit.

take care and hug someone daily

Jun 26, 2006

Happy Birthday MOM!

I love this picture of my mom. It shows the absolute joy in her eyes which is one of my favorite things about my mother. She has been so many things to me over the years but that has never changed.

I believe in every woman's life it is not the relationships with significant others which cause us the most turmoil it is the relationships with our mothers. Just like the relationships we have with ourselves there is a struggle wrapped in denial. There is a necessary idolatry in childhood that is required for survival. You need so much from your mother and you get so much it is primal--they are your world. As you age though this box you put her in starts to restrict and suppress the real person inside. For just like you, your mother is not a heavenly body, but just a woman. You come to see her, hopefully, as you see yourself. Someone who is still trying to figure things out and who doesn't have all the answers, but can help you figure out what questions to ask.

My Mom is remarkable. She inspires me as a woman and as a friend. She is surprising and delightful. Full of a spirit I am grateful to inherit. She has taught me to be endlessly amazed and hungry for the world around me. She never stops growing and changing, and this more than anything else pushes me to do the same.

She's a better friend to me than anyone has ever been and that I think is the most we can ask for.

So Happy Birthday Mom

I hope your day is peaceful. I love you.

Jun 25, 2006

More Cowbell

Wow what a weekend! Friday night was great. Drinks were had, mistakes were made, all was forgotten by the light of day...that's all I want to say about that.

Saturday me and my girls met up for the best food EVER at the newly opened Cali and Tito's on Lumpkin by the same peeps who brought us Caliente Cab and Pollo Loco. The food was to die for. I have been seriously jonesn' for their Ceviche (fish cooked only in lime juice) since Pollo closed in March. Then it was off to AthFest X! There was so much cool jewelry, art, and music. Armed with fans and snowcones we lasted longer in the GA heat than I thought we would. We did stay long enough to see the SWEETEST Cowbelling since Will Ferrell graced the small screen impersonating a misguided member of the Blue Oyster Cult.
This kid was rocking it out, I think we even saw some under-leg cowbell action. My only regret is that we never got the band or the cowbeller's name. A mystery for the ages I am sure....
Well after many beers and dinner we called it an early evening. We were all exhausted due to the sun and our previous late night. Everyone, that is, except Alicia who has the energy and unlimited funds of a wealthy teenager, and the tolerance of drink belonging to a 50 year-old alcoholic. Bless her heart.

---Watch tomorrow for a tribute to the coolest Lady I know....but for now

go call someone you keep putting off
finish something you started
and don't forget you always need more cowbell.

Jun 23, 2006

This is our cat. His name is Sesame Chicken. He likes his girls dirty and rough around the edges. He's basically a man whore, but we love him anyway.

Hey welcome to Friday! I am so excited because Friday means one thing around these parts...
DRINKING!!! It's so nice to get everyone together in place and talk and drink. It always reminds me of how transient we are in our 20's the fact that I can get all the people I love in one place once a week is amazing. It's bittersweet too knowing that it can't last soon people will start moving off to start their "real" lives. I personally believe this is it! This is about as real as it gets, and I'll drink to that.

If you like Celeb Gossip with wit and charm check out Pink is the new Blog. Trent rocks! It is the only website I visit daily (and jones for if I can't).

Well I guess I should get off my ass. I really am going to start that exercise regimen I've been thinking about...I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a peaceful day!

Jun 22, 2006

So this is me. Hopefully this blog will be entertaining, informative, and always a little weird. I don't know who will actually read it but I am putting it out here. Let's have fun!