May 6, 2008


This is our beautiful, I think, rose bush in our front yard. I wish that I could show you more pictures, but blogger is being special and only letting me post one picture per post. I have to find something to plant aroung our mailbox. We had a beautiful butterfly attracting bush of some sort. I'm not going to say I killed it so much as I offended it into eternal slumber. A gardener lady in my neighborhood said after it died in the fall that I should cut it to the ground. So i did. I guess I didn't do it right. It never came back so now all we have is a creepy grey dead stick plant guarding our mail post. Oh that and the evil bees that won't let us get our mail. Seriously, Randall has to take bug spray to the mailbox everyday. I gave up. I just don't get the mail anymore. I think they may be carpenter bees, which means they won't sting me. They still charge at me everytime I get anywhere near the mailbox. Terrifying.

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fig said...

That's not funny.