May 24, 2008

Farmer's market, reading, a gay doc and Indy

These are the beautiful herbs that I got at the new Athens Farmer's Market this morning. I got up sooo early this morning to get there while the pickin's were still good. I got mint, basil, cilantro and onions all for $8! I am so happy I could bust. I can't wait to take Randall next Saturday. I came home and read on my back porch for as long as I wanted, which is just heaven to me. The seemingly unlimited time of days off. I hate time constraints. I understand that we must have clocks and schedules or there would be chaos, but I prefer timekeeping to be a little less rigid.
I eventually got hungry and made a lovely breakfast out of my farmer's market finds. Also, I made some lovely wheat scones from scratch--without a recipe! They weren't very pretty so, no picture. They tasted very good, if I do say so myself, with jam and butter.
I am watching Before Stonewall a chronicle of homosexuality in America before the historical Stonewall Riot. I highly reccomend anyone interested in this subject to see this well-made documentary.
Cassy and I are going to see Indiana Jones this afternoon. I am mildly excited. I remember loving the old Indy movies, mostly due to the fact that Harrison Ford was my boyfriend for most of my childhood. I loved him so much. Thinking back on it I don't remember when it started, but it just was. My mom loved Al Pacino, I loved Harrison. Then he got that tacky earring and started dating Calista Flockhart and it was over.
It seems like a truly kick-ass movie comes out like every week this summer. Next week is Sex and the City! I have very carefully avoided any media on the movie so that I might be as suprised by the plot as possible. So only one more week to go. I hope I make it.

Happy Saturday!

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