May 6, 2008

Bad Sesame: The Fern Incident

This is my new boston fern. This is my bad kitty named Sesame Chicken. I discovered his "love" for his new friend? dinner? today while posting. He was literally inside the thing going to town.

I was so facinated, as Sesame rarely shows such enthusiasm for anything other than canned food, I didn't make him stop right away. I took pictures. Then in a guilty-mother terror haze pushed him away from it and frantically begain to google the words: Cat poison fern. You'll be happy to know that Sesame is not in mortal danger. The boston fern should apparently fear him more than vice versa. As I type this 30 minutes or so after the initail altercation he is making his way to the fern again. Such is his fervor, such is his passion and desire for this bulky potted plant.


fig said...

That's too funny.

Heather said...

Why? Why do I have to wait so long between posts? You're killing me...