Nov 20, 2007

tori. pigs. turkeys. goats.

We saw TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is totally a picture that I took at the show.
Ok not really.
The Ticket said no cameras or videocameras. I am a rule follower. I follow rules. Apparently NO ONE else does. Everybody had their cameras and cell phones out shooting the whole thing. I was so sad. Randall pointed out that without trying to capture the "moment" the whole time we acctually just enjoyed it. Crazy, huh. Old people are smart. It was fantastic. I loved every minute. There was only one song that was ruined because people were talking next to me, very loudly. Then they left....I had nothing to do with them leaving or not coming back. Don't listen to Randall. He lies. She played alot of old school music which was awsome and the lights were amazing. I think Randall even enjoyed it without being familiar/caring about her music.
We also found our new favorite pre-fox restaurant. It's called Loca Luna. It was so cool and we ate so early we practically had the place to ourselves. We had tapas and drinks and dessert it was all so indulgent. Once again i have to reiterate, I absolutely did not have TWO Dirty kettleone vodka martinis. I absolutely did not get very tipsy and tell said rude-talkers to "not come back" the third time they made the whole row get up so they could go-- what snort blow in the bathroom? I don't know. These are lies. He really has a problem. He makes things up.
After that we had a few boring days. Then I got interesting news from my sister.
She is now really a woman. Some men are Pigs.
I have all my groceries for Thankgiving I: the great experiment! ( imagine that being said very dramatically with arms in the air). I need a web cam.
I am really excited to cook on thursday, we'll see how long that lasts. i am going to make a whole turkey, which we found out don't come any smaller than 12 lbs. That and the fact that when a recipe calls for Day-old bread it really mean old-bread, have been our first two suprising discoveries. (i thought it was a brand-name or something) So this should prove to be interesting to say the least.
For now I must go turn in my paper on the evilness of the passive female role-model as exiplified by Disney's Princesses. i can't believe I just typed the Princesses i told myself i would EVER have to do that again. princesses. Oh my (nonexistant) god! I can't stop.
Love and goats to all! Most especially cheers (have a drink) to Natalie.


Anonymous said...

No. You should listen to Randall. All the time. Emily cannot hold her liquor.


fig said...

YES! Natalie kicked loser ass! I am so proud. And, you---you do that turkey. Take him down! 12 pounds is good--lots of leftovers. Turkey soup, turkey sammiches, turkey salad, turkey fricassee....a la Bubba! (Oh, and you made me laugh...a bunch.)Talk Saturday!!!

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving Em! I hope your experiment went well. I miss you!