Mar 5, 2008

Christmas in march

So I am a little behind....This is what the new house looked like in December. It was just such a pretty picture that I didn't want anyone to miss it! I really am going to come back with avengence. There are so many cool things going on right now, I really have to share it all. I need to share all the homemaker-y stuff I am totally getting down with right now. So all you peeps that deleted me or moved me down on your blog list go ahead and pull me back up to the tops 'cause I'm back bitches! If you look closely at this picture you can see many really cool things.


fig said...

Cool things, like Sesame posing next to the tree, the Christo-Buddho mix mantel display, a real fire (?) in the fireplace and some BOOKS? Those? (Thanks for the shameless plug.) Oh, and some people didn't move you down on the list so much as backward-alphabetizing you. I like to give the W's & Z's their day. Mucho love-o! (oh, yeah, and your Christmas living room looks lovely and cozy!)

Heather said...

It really does look like something from a magazine. I want to cuddle up in the chair and read the real simple magazine. YOu're back at the top baby! Woo-hoo Em's blog is back!