Jul 26, 2006

Not dead just lost in Sunnydale...

Well I am sorry everyone, I got in this weird anti-computer mood and then it spiraled into some sort of strange hibernation. Where in the only thing that could comfort me was BUFFY.

OH MY GAY STARS!!! I am in love in the shortest time humanly possible I have completed the entire series all seven episodes ( something like 160 hours of pure goodness). I had never really watched it before...So I didn't know this is my only excuse for not coming into this world earlier. JOSS WHEDON is a GOD as many other nerds have proclaimed before me. I kinda fell into his world ass-backward.

I watched Serenity and fell in love with the characters, only to realize there was this little show called FIREFLY upon which the whole thing was based. I watched the criminally short one and only season of Firefly and was completely hooked. Two thousand viewings later I am searching for more Joss only to realize that HELLO he did BUFFY. Buffy had always been on my list of someday to watch so I decided to jump in.

Words cannot explain. I am only sorry that I am just now coming to this I wish that I had been more into when it was on. It is amazing the story, mythology of it, the crafty dialogue, the fabulous feminist allegory of it all. I cried more times than I can remember and I am still laughing and thinking about it. It's one of those wonderful things in life that gets better with repetition since Joss is such a masterful creator of universes (AKA GOD). I am kinda glad I watched them all at the same time so that I could GET more things than I would have in real time. It's much easier to remember something someone said in season 2 when you watched it two weeks ago as opposed to two YEARS ago. OK I promise that is all. Just if you have not seen it please do, it may not be your cup of tea or it could be a fabulous new obsession.

My friend Diane is moving to San Diego this week I am so proud of her, yet still selfishly I want her to stay...hmm. I wish her all the luck and best highest blessings.

Well I guess I will be around alot more. Stay tuned for my Straight Girl's Guide to my favorite hot ladies. That and reviews on what I am reading and watching and how to look hot while baking pies for orphans. Well maybe not that last bit.

take care and hug someone daily

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