Jun 23, 2006

This is our cat. His name is Sesame Chicken. He likes his girls dirty and rough around the edges. He's basically a man whore, but we love him anyway.

Hey welcome to Friday! I am so excited because Friday means one thing around these parts...
DRINKING!!! It's so nice to get everyone together in place and talk and drink. It always reminds me of how transient we are in our 20's the fact that I can get all the people I love in one place once a week is amazing. It's bittersweet too knowing that it can't last soon people will start moving off to start their "real" lives. I personally believe this is it! This is about as real as it gets, and I'll drink to that.

If you like Celeb Gossip with wit and charm check out Pink is the new Blog. Trent rocks! It is the only website I visit daily (and jones for if I can't).

Well I guess I should get off my ass. I really am going to start that exercise regimen I've been thinking about...I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a peaceful day!

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