Nov 11, 2009

14 weeks 5 days

Went to the regular baby doctor today. Saw those sweet little baby heads, and heard their hearts. Randall and I, after mucho grumbling on Randall's part, got our swine flu shots. We found out that their NT test came back normal so one hurdle down... Randall insists that I am developing a little tummy, but I still just look fat to me. So I will probably wait until it is a little more impressive before I post a pic, also the pictures from today's baby photo session were really blurry so two more weeks and we will have good pictures of Babies and Belly.


~Heartburn-all the time, after I eat, before I eat, no matter what I eat-pain
~Nausea-STILL, When is this going to end? Just have to keep shoving food in my face
~Peeing all the time!
~Weird Face rash-improving, but still present
~Butt Pain (new!)- like the end of my legs aren't connected to my pelvic bones, super ouch!
~Brain mush (new!)-wait what was I saying...?

I can't believe it's almost the end of the 4th month, with the holidays rapidly approaching I am sure time is going to start to fly. It may be time to start worrying about real stuff, like What are we gonna call these things and where in this tiny house are we gonna put them?

So much to ponder...