Apr 15, 2009

See, I'm back again and so soon!

I have to stop addressing my blog, it's a little too "Dear Diary" for my taste. I am meant to be cleaning right now, so of course here I am. I love the above picture, it's hilarious, yet pretty in a way. It's such a pretty day, my mom and my dad are coming tomorrow. I really need to prepare their room and spruce up the bathroom. All I want to do is take a nap. It's too late for caffeine, it's out of the question. I want to actually get to sleep tonight. My mom can have coffee at anytime of the day and still fall asleep on the couch at 8:30 while watching a movie. A month without caffeine and I felt great, I was ready to do without for awhile. Then when I started to consume it again I found the addiction picked up right where it left off. Maybe I should give it for good this time, no reason just to make myself feel better. I'll still have the booze! Can't live without the alcohol. Speaking of, I think I will have some right now. Oh wait the cleaning...

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