Apr 13, 2009

Facebook stole my heart, for a little while

I will try not to abandon you again blog. Lots of things have happened since I wrote on you last. Some good, some bad. All life changing. As I change, I find I am the optimist that I always knew I was. Dealing with hard times, and disappointment there really is no room for defeatism. I thought that I would buckle and slip into the silent, depressive state I've romanticised ever since I read the Bell Jar and the like when I was a teen. Instead I was just, alright. The logical part of my brain, that I've down-played even to myself, stepped up. It filled my head with all sort of smart observances and practical ideas. So I am here. Changed, but still myself. More so some may say. There are still tears that come from no where, but they are further and farther between. It seems I am strong. I have found that in the face of loss there is something to be gained and that is reassuring.


Heather Christopherson said...

I love you!

fig said...

Yes, you are very strong...and beautiful and wonderful and most of all, my Em. I am so proud of you. Real hugs soon!