Nov 3, 2008

GO VOTE!!!!!

You are not allowed to complain if you don't cast your ballot. I have already voted. Randall and I voted on our anniversary, in the rain, waiting on line in excess of an hour. I felt so proud to touch the little box on the screen next to Mr. Obama's name. The importance and significance of this election was almost too much for me at that moment. I am not ashamed to say that my eyes began to sting with tears. A non-white candidate for president with a real chance of winning, I am so proud of America.

When I was 12 years old I remember watching Clinton on the TV. I remember being so enthralled, not just with him but with the whole process. At school I debated for him (I mean Bush did lie about those "new taxes"), I joined the Young Democrats of Alabama and embraced my role as a liberal very much in the minority in Sylacauga, AL. I have never been as excited about a candidate since then, until now. I am not going into details, I am not trying to campaign it is way too late for that (even though McCain might disagree). I love America. Even though I joke about moving away to other cool places, I know America is the land I love. I know it's not cool to admit it, at least outside of a country-western song, but I do. Not even the past 8 years can taint this life-long romance.

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